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Nicole Sage In 'Neighbor Affair'

Nicole Sage - Neighbor Affair

Nicole Sage und ihr Nachbar ficken sich schon eine Weile, aber sie haben nie viel Zeit zusammen, da sie beide verheiratet sind. Die Sterne waren ausgerichtet und beide Ehepartner sind zufällig zur gleichen Zeit nicht in der Stadt. Nicole und ihr Nachbar treffen sich und essen ein kleines Abendessen vor ihrem langen Fuck-a-thon.

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Nicole Sage In '- Interracial Pickups'

Nicole Sage - Interracial Pickups

When Mr Knox gets hit in a parking lot he immediately turns on his camera to record the damage done and the other driver. Turns out the other driver is a hot dingy brunette who has no insurance and apparently finds the whole situation semi humorous. What is the matter with her? His car is dented. He needs it fixed. She offers to come to his house while she reaches a friend who is an auto body shop owner. Turns out all she really wants is that sweet black majic all banging deep up in her woman hole. Seems she likes putting on a show for the camera and really wants to give Jamie something to remember her by. Jamie is able to capture some afternoon sex majic on his cell phone and rewards the horny bad driver with a nice faceful of jizz.