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Elle McRae In 'cheats on husband with manly neighbor'

Elle McRae - Neighbor Affair

Elle McRae ließ ihr Auto kaputt gehen. Zum Glück kommt ihr Nachbar Robby vorbei und lässt ihn in kürzester Zeit laufen. Elle ist so dankbar. Robby ist viel nützlicher als ihr idiotischer Ehemann, also lädt Elle ihn zurück ins Haus für einen kleinen Kaffee und Cunnilingus.

Elle McRae In 'fucks her son's friend'

Elle McRae - My Friend's Hot Mom

Elle McRae hat gehört, wie ihr Sohn Sex hatte und will sich nur mit dem Freund ihres Sohnes Tyler vernehmen, ob er Schutz nutzt. Sie geht zu Tyler, um zu sprechen, um es zu besprechen und dann am Ende bekommen es auf sich selbst!

Elle McRae In 'Watch Your Mom'

Elle McRae - Watch Your Mom

Nicole (Elle McRae) ist eine tolle Hausfrau, aber manchmal braucht sie auch diesen Nervenkitzel! Juan der Kabel Kerl kam in der Spitze der Zeit vorbei, um ihre Muschi eine Füllung zu geben.

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Elle Mcrae In 'Moms Tough Love - S12:E2'

Elle Mcrae - Moms Tough Love - S12:E2

Elle McCray has married a rich man and his son, Ricky Spanish, is kind of a fox. Elle worries that Ricky may fall prey to girls who are after his dad's money. Her own adopted daughter, Lana Grey, is already super into Ricky's cock! After walking in on Lana chasing Ricky around for a taste of the goods, Elle hatches a plan to help Ricky learn how to fight off lusty ladies. Later, Elle and Ricky are sitting around the dinner table when Lana doubles down on her desire for Ricky's stiffie by strutting in in a bra and thong. Elle leaves Ricky to fend off Lana as she continues putting her plan into action by excusing herself from the room so she can also put on some lingerie. Imagine Elle's dismay when she finds that Ricky already has his dick in Lana's mouth by the time she returns! Elle is disappointed that Ricky couldn't even resist his hot adopted sister, so she suggests that the three of them take things to the living room to help Ricky get it out of his system to build up his resistance.With mommy as the guide, Ricky gets his dick sucked by both girls. His double BJ turns into Lana riding Ricky's hardon with Elle giving advice and encouragement. Then Elle lays down and lets Ricky go to town on her milf twat while Elle eats Lana out. Since Lana is feeling good on her hands and knees, Ricky pulls her into the middle so he can bang his sister doggy style while Lana feasts on Elle's cream filled fuck hole. When Elle climbs aboard for a stiffie ride of her own, Ricky knows he can't hold out much longer. Lana helps him out as he pulls out of Elle's snatch, stroking him off until he delivers a facial. The two girls are satisfied with themselves that Ricky has gotten it out of his system.